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Quality Prioritized

Company Overview

Our main focus is on Quality, Service and Flexibility while we endeavor to be flexible enough to manufacture boards from the simple to the complex, our primary focus is on multi-layer, highly complex boards.

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Technological Advantage

The advantages for using Asia Circuits is mainly due to Quality and New Technology breakthroughs in all areas of design and manufacturing. Modern equipment, educated workforce, degreed Engineers, Quality driven Management are just some of the reasons why we are leaders in technology for printed circuit board manufacturing.

We have never lost a customer due to Quality , Technology, or Service. We are always ranked the top supplier with our customers and will provide references. We look forward to your challenge as we are a world class supplier.

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Superior Quality Assured

Our Quality Assurance Systems begins with a process management plan in place that includes many inspection points including: incoming raw material, the close monitoring of the manufacturing process, first article inspection, in-line test inspection, reliability testing, SQC/SPC testing, and Gerber net list comparison testing.

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New Asia Circuits, Inc

Telephone: +1 (408) 643-5383
Customer Service: info@nacusainc.com

Gerber Files: please call or e-mail for an FTP sign-on & password.


Manufacturing Facility

Asia Circuits, Inc.
No. 3, Lane 43
Hsing Pang Road
Kuei Shad Industrial City
Taoyuan City, Taiwan 330